This is my last post-I can’t stand this lifestyle anymore. Instead, I’m going to be healthy. No more stepping on the scale 5+ times a day, no more feeling guilty about eating the smallest thing, no more starving myself for hours at end, no more killing myself with exercise, no more hating myself and ruining my life. I will eat right and healthy. I will exercise because I love it, and if I walk my running path, that’s ok, I’m allowed a break. I will be healthy and I will be happy. I have already started by getting rid of my scale and it feels like a release from a great pressure. Be strong girls! I’ll miss you guys but I need to do this for me. ♥ Evie


  1. infinite--possibility said: I’m sure you will be missed, but this is really great! :) Good luck to you <3
  2. fiftyfivekgs said: Best of luck! <3
  3. justkeepbreathing831 said: You’ll feel so much better beautiful, stay strong <3